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As one of the best spots in town *with ample FREE PARKING, refresh offers customers a wide range of top of the line products. From our luxury face creams by Germaine de Capuccini to our very favorite Gehwol foot products, there’s something in store for everyone. Swing by today and take home your favorite products.


Founded by Elaine Harvey Teeling, refresh is committed to providing quality products and services to its wide range of consumers. Swing by and take home some of our varied products, from salts, scrubs, polishes and creams and experience the magic today.

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Known for its wide range of upscale products, refresh offers quality products at competitive rates. People absolutely love our Gehwol foot products and Orly polishes and we know why! Stop by and make a purchase today.

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We’re Committed to You Looking Amazing

Founded in 2007, refresh has been pampering the community for many years. As qualified and legal professionals we are here to tackle any of your beauty related needs, offering top of the line products and services to get you looking and feeling great.

We are not a one stop shop with everything from hair beauty under one noisy roof but the only designated, calm and tranquil beauty salon in the area

Since 2007, we’ve worked hard to make our customers shine with a committed approach to all things beauty. Swing by and take advantage of our outstanding Beauty Salon services, we will always make time for you.

We speak English, Nederlands, Deutsch y Espanol

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